Conflict Resolution for Churches

It is crucial to recognize that conflict in churches arises in many forms and can divert a church from its primary mission when not dealt with effectively. Often I can help shift a simmering conflict into a golden opportunity for transformation and re-invigoration. Here are some areas in which I’ve been able to be of help in resolving church conflict:

  • Conflict between minister and board
  • Cliques on board-polarization on board
  • Challenges between new minister and existing volunteer teams
  • Struggles over resources (finance committee and ministry areas)
  • Difficulties integrating “old timers” and “new members”
  • Dealing with antagonistic congregants
  • Power Struggles between church “matriarchs” or “patriarchs’ and others
  • Problems with pastoral search committee
  • Problems with building committee/grounds committee

An outside expert, who is objective, neutral and who will assist in resolving the conflict allows an organization to resolve the conflict more smoothly so it can return to its primary mission with the minimum of negative long-term consequences.

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