Formal Mediation and ADR Training

Commercial Mediator Training – ADRA (40 hrs)
Co-Mediator Training – S.C. Dept. of Human Resources (40 hrs)
Advanced Training – Academy of Family Mediators (8 hrs)
Mediation and Counseling – Santa Clara Law School (64 hrs)
Communication Course – Process Therapy Institute (PTI)(4 hrs)
Introduction to Process Therapy Training (PTI) (21 hrs)
Advanced Process Therapy Training (PTI) (40 hrs)
Effective Listening Course – Xerox (12 hrs)
Mediation Training – Better Business Bureau (3 hrs)
Co-Creative Relationships – Hendrix Institute for Relationships (30 hrs)
Special Master Training – Santa Clara Bar Association (8 hrs)
Mediation Center of San Joaquin County (40 hrs)
Association of Unity Churches International -Peacekeeping and Mediation Training (75 hrs)
AUCI-Credentialed Leader Minister/Ministry Review Process (20 hrs)
Nonviolent Communication Trainings (various) (25 hrs)
Other miscellaneous courses (excess of 130 hours)


Central Valley Mediation Service
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