About Me

Passionate About Mediation

My passion for mediation evolved out of my successful law practice. More than 20 years ago, I discovered that I enjoyed resolving conflict far more than I enjoyed litigation.

I came to see conflict as an opportunity for deeper understanding, growth and peaceful outcomes.

John Butler passionate about mediation

My skill level increased, my experience grew, and eventually I closed my law practice to focus on mediation. I believe that I have exceptional experience and skills in resolving conflict and am available to help you.

Since shifting from litigation to mediation…

  • I have resolved well over a thousand disputes for individuals, corporations, churches, and nonprofit agencies.
  • I have received recognition for my service in settling suits in both Federal and State Courts.
  • I have taught classes on communication and conflict resolution and I have trained other lawyers and mediators in how to facilitate settlements.
  • I have been interviewed on TV and spoken at seminars and given talks in other venues on mediation and the principles of conflict resolution.
  • I have led workshops on “gender reconciliation” as well as other topics related to conflict resolution.
  • I have completed more than 350 hours of formal mediation-related training. This includes active listening skills enhancement, interviewing techniques and mediation role-plays and simulations.


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